No site that I could ever make would be complete without showing off my family.  I was a single mother for most of my children's youth, and although I do NOT recommend it, it did create a household where we grew very close.   My children are more than just that; they are my friends and  very fine people.   They are caring, loving parents themselves, which I take a great amount of pride in.    I think I must have done a few things right for them to be such conscientious parents.    My grandchildren are the most precious, beautiful, charming, and intelligent creatures to have ever walked the earth  (OF COURSE!!!!   You expected me to say anything else?)   But they ARE!!  HONEST!    Have I ever lied to you?    Look for yourself......

My Daughter Carmen's Children (click on picture to see more)

(Click on picture to see more)

and My Son Logan's Children

Grandparents are often laughed at as they gush about their grandchildren; but I ask you; wouldn't YOU?    Your own children are so much a real part of who YOU are and to share their children with them is a double bond that brings in another person.      We all continue to support one another and share that love that has held us together all these years.

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