My talents in web design are very limited and there is no way I could have put together this site without a lot of help from some wonderful friends. I have learned a lot and certainly enjoyed my efforts to create a site I could express myself through.

First I would like to acknowledge Moyra Web Jewels. This was an incredible site that had dozens of beautiful pre-designed web pages that she allowed anyone to use if they followed a few simple rules. The site has since been discontinued and I think it's a real loss for those of us that enjoyed her creations. My front page was one of her designs.

I've talked about my friend Drioux Galvan in several places of this site. One of his many talents is as a web designer (he actually makes his living with it) and he's been a tremendous help. This site would not have happened at all without his help and encouragement. Thank you, Drioux. To see all the web services he has to offer please visit his site.

John Britzke is a wonderful young man in California that I met over the net. He never hesitates to offer his help with anything! The Taera section of pages is his creation. He's a wonderful friend and has helped me numerous time; especially with graphics files. Thank you, John.

I'd like to thank Paula Dockter who offered me dozens of her photographs of her trips around Oregon. She enjoys hiking and climbing and has toured many places around Oregon and the world. Her pictures are just wonderful and added a lot to my site. Thank you Paula.

I'd also like to thank all those friends that contributed their efforts to my site; the artists, poets, storytellers, and all the others. It takes a bit of courage to expose yourself sometimes. Thank you all for sharing your visions with us.

Of course I also must thank my family; my husband and children and grandchildren who have been most patient with me while I have spent hours and hours sitting in front of my computer. They have been encouraging and supportive. Thank you all!!

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