Photography Studio



Photography can take a moment of reality and allow us all to share it. Sometimes it's as simple as a friend or relative to keep them close to us, and at other times it's to remind us of another place and time. The 'art' of photography takes a different look at the images on film. It creates a mood or statement... something beyond simple documentation.

I do hope to be expanding this section soon. If you have any picture (originals only please) that you feel expresses something of artistic nature, please email me. I will try to display several different varieties of photo-art but will not show what could be considered porn.

dot Jeremy Gilbert : Jeremy has done some wonderful things with photography. I suggest you visit his link and look at some of the work he's put on his site.

dot Allen Wolf : This picture was taken here in Oregon but a very talented young man. I hope to get more of his things on the site. The beauty of Peace is all around us if we only look for it.

dot Betty Moore : Betty lives in Medusa, New York and has sent me some photos she's taken around her area. Make me want to visit some day!

dot Nature: I love nature, and gardening. These pictures certainly don't show alot of talent on my part but the beauty of nature makes up for my amateur attempts at photography.


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