Story Time



Stories will often teach us things, entertain us, spark our imaginations, feel our souls and lift our spirits.   Being able to create through words, a series of events that catch someone else up in the tale is a true talent.   Much of the role-playing I do is rather like a story and so I'll refer to some of those on this page.

There are many different styles of writing here..  I hope you find something that you enjoy.

  The SwitchBoard Kittens   (my work):  I've always thought this story to be one to tell the grandkids.   How my first husband and I met.   It's ..  well..   unusual.

  The Story of Jerick & Krista  (Kevin Morris):  In Panumbra I would sometimes tell stories to those in game that wish to listen.   I asked anyone that wanted to have their stories read to send them to me and when the time permitted I would share them with others by reading them in game.   These stories are about the world Taera.    Kevin Morris has written several of them and they are some of the best loved by those who wandered in the mines.

The Dark Teardrops of Kyia   (my work):  A few years ago I wrote this story to explain a bit of the history of Kyia in one of the games she was been in.   It's a tale of love and betrayal but perhaps with a bit of hope for the future.

    Many More To Come  (Will be adding things over the next few weeks).



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