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It's always hard to sit down and write about yourself for each person is so much more than a few words can describe and so much less than what people can read into them.   Statistically, I'm a middle-aged woman who is over weight, short, and easily blends in to most crowds.   I am a wife, mother, grandmother, accountant, Internet addict, friend to many and a good listener.   I currently have two cats who share their house with me and my husband.   And I'm one of the rare people who actually LIKE my job and the people I work with.

But you go beyond the day to day appearance and you find another layer.   I'm a child, often spending time in worlds of games and fantasy.   It's true that you are only as old as you think you are and I readily confess that I am actually a 17 year old in a much older body.   I have quite an assortment of books, many of them fantasy and sci-fi.   Of course the fantasies I am part of on-line have opened up so many other areas for me.   I have discovered that I enjoy creating stories, something I have never really done before.   

The world however is much too real too often, and I am also a very spiritual being.   All of my life I have supported and worked for human rights, tolerance, and acceptance of each individual as just that -- an individual.   Growing up in the 60's in the Oakland, California area, it was the struggle of the racial tensions, Martin Luther King, Jr., Watts, Black Panthers.   I didn't always agree with the methods of the 60's but I always believed in the right of each person to be accepted for their own worth, not the color of their skin.   Then there was women's rights, children's right, disabled rights, gay rights; the list never seems to end.    My belief is we should all strive to make a world where each person is accepted on their own merits.   The value of one life..   one person..   one individual  is beyond measure.   Each and every one of us have strengths and weaknesses; and to accept that in each other is our only way to justify asking others to accept that in ourselves.   We DO all share one world, and if the world has any hope of growing, we must do it together.

That's another place I have come to; the awareness that we ARE one world.   To separate us by races, borders, genders, religions; diminishes all that we are and all that we can do.   The Internet is an amazing tool in bringing the world together in a very basic way.    I have friends all over the globe.  I share my feeling, my dreams, my sorrows and joys with "the common man and woman" across the world.   I say common but they are far from that.   These are extraordinary people, people who enjoy life, are full of energy and blessed with access to the world through the Internet    Many in countries other than the United States, do not have the luxury of easy and affordable access.   It would be wonderful if they did, for it would bring even more people into this huge global community.  When we can share in the lives of more people it brings us AND them understanding on a global scale.

I also consider myself a spiritual person.   I don't call myself religious because that often means "church going" to many people and I no longer participate in that exercise.   Certainly, there was a time in my life when I valued that highly but I eventually came to the place within myself where I understood that for me, a "Church" distracted from what was important.    "God", whatever that might mean to you, is within each of us..  not outside us.   For me, religion and churches, seem to separate me from that inner Light of Spirit.  I have studied many different religions and teachings and find value in most all of them.   Each one I have studied has given me insight and "truths".   I embrace them all and try to live my life as best I can, as gently as I can, as honest as I can.

As we go through life, I find each person can be a teacher to me, and I hope that just being who I am might serve as a teacher to others in some small way.    Every obstacle that we meet in life is an opportunity to grow and learn.  I think perhaps as we get a bit older, the lessons seem harder to learn.   Maybe it's because we have our belief system so build up, or maybe it's just that it's so hard to change.   Despite all my words of wisdom that spring from my lips when talking to others, I find it so hard to come to terms with my own hurdles.   I try to have faith that "All Things Are Unfolding In Perfection" and I only need to remain aware of lessons to learn.   A lot harder than it sounds.

Amid all the lessons of life, and kids and grand kids and cats and job and Internet and gaming..   life goes on.   Often to the accompaniment of The Beatles or some other music that swells my heart and forces me to serenade my cats.  I hope you enjoy my web pages.   Please drop me a note and let me know if you did.   If you have suggestions for additions to the site, let me know that too.





Greetings all

I am known to many as Kyia and for those that wonder who 'Kyia' is let me tell you my beginnings.

Kyia began with my first excursion, many years ago, into the world of Dungeons and Dragons.   I spent much time and energy creating this character; trying to make it one that I could act like and think like.   She developed into a character that in many ways is an ideal I strive for.   She is an elf lady; good, kind, innocent, magical, a healer, very close to nature.   Over the years she has grown and changed some in her powers.  She's a bit more worldly but her compassion and goodness have only grown deeper.   She has been to many places, on many worlds; both on-line and off, but no matter where she goes, she's a healer, a helper and a friend to all.

In many adventures that Kyia has been involved in, she was asked to participate as part of a group that achieved their goals through force.   She often healed those of her party injured in violent conflict and would even be known to try to heal those they fought against.   After years of this she grew tired of the killing, the violence and the pain so she has sworn a vow to the Taeran Goddess of Life, Luumpho.  The vow is that she will not cause, nor allow others to cause, pain to another living thing.   This vow is not always easy, but it is an ideal she values and works to uphold.   She forever shares her Light in hopes of helping others.  The Vow to Luumpho .

What started as a simple paper and pen game of imagination has developed into a role that represents the good things I strive to share with people.  She expresses parts of my inner desires for peace and good that go beyond a simple game.   INSIGHT: the Vow

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