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There are so many talented people in this world and I am so blessed to call many of them friends. So often their talents are known to only a small circle of friends and acquaintances and I would love to share their talents with others. My own artistic attempts have been embarrassing to say the least so I truly appreciate the talents of those wonderful people who can create images that touch others.

Below are links to pages with works of friends, most of whom I've met through the gaming communities on line. When I was able, I tried to give you links to sites where you could find out more about them and perhaps see more works of theirs. Enjoy.

dot Shawn McNamara : Shawn is the original creator of my Kyia Icon. He not only has the imagination to create such beauty but enjoys writing short stories too. A charming man who can always bring a smile to my face.

dot   Morgaine : Her art speaks for itself. She is the lady who took the creation of Shawn and enlarged it. The beauty of that picture is only a sample of the quality she's capable of and her work just keep getting better and better..

dot   Courtney : This talented young lady is full of surprises. Not only does she have a wonderful talent for taking the words of adventures and giving them form, but she also writes short stories and poetry.

dot   Eric Scholander : One of the best things about the Internet is it brings the global community closer together. Eric is in Sweden and is working on developing his artistic talents through some of the wonderful graphics programs available.

dot   Matt : This dear person is so talented. He and I worked together on a game for a while and his talents are in so many areas. Obviously much of his talent is artist but he's also just a very nice person, and a good friend.

dot   Korish : Anime art is so popular these days and so many young people I know try their hand at it. This young man is exploring and learning and I think his talent is growing.

dot   Gloria Grace : This young woman is not only a genuine artist, but she makes a mighty good latte too. I wish I could have gotten more detail in the pages of her work but I think you will enjoy them anyway. She has allowed me to include her e-mail address in case you'd like to contact her directly.

dot   Jon Fisher : I wish I could show you more of this man's art but I've lost track of him and the pieces I have are too large for me to scan in. Enjoy the couple of pieces small enough for me to get copies of.

dot   Paula Dockter : This nice lady was someone I worked with. Her talents went way beyond her skills with billing and collections! For many years she had made and sold her stained glass creations. This page shows off a variety of these. She also has an amazing bit of land and is an avid hiker. Her photography is sprinkled around my site.


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