Poems are ways to free the soul in expressing things when just simple words aren't enough.  They often have a power to them in the arrangement that cannot be shown in simple prose.  When I was younger, I wrote quite a bit of poetry but  hadn't written much of anything for several years when a ray of sunshine bursting through the clouds inspired "Walk With Me".   That's the way it often is with poems..  they sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Poems are often very personal and a window to the writers soul.   I wish to thank those who are allowing me to share themselves by letting us read these bits of their hearts.

  Walk With Me   ( my work) :   The sun breaking through a normal Oregon morning on the drive to work brought these words tumbling out onto paper.   I've been asked who this poem is written for and my only answer is "everyone".   This is to all the "Beloveds", the "Children" and the "Friends" in our lives..  especially  those we hold inside ourselves.

  The Dawning and Here I Stand ( Collin Thompson) :   This wonderful young man used to play one of the games I was involved in.   When I would be in the middle of a meeting in game, I would sometimes  have "RANDOM POETRY ALERT" come across my screen and in the next few moments the lines of his creations would begin to lighten the burden of the meetings.    It's been awhile since I've had a poem from Collin.   I think it's time for another "RPA"!

   Night  (Ian Dale) :   Ian is one of the people that I met through the game  Panumbra.   He tells me this poem was written when he was rather young, but I think it's quite good.

    ON e e cummings  (Courtney) :   Courtney is a lady of many talent!   I understand she also writes short stories and makes a great lobster bisque.   When I went to her site and saw 'On e e cummings' I knew I had to include it here.   e e cummings is one of my very favorite poets.   There are several wonderful poems on this site and I really recommend you take some time and read some of her work.   With her talent I bet even her lobster bisque would convert me to a sea food lover.

    In The Balance  (Tammara Davis ) :   I have known this amazing lady for several years.   A young mother with an amazing talent for doing more things at once than anyone I know.   This poem shows only one of her many talents and soon I hope to link to her site with her beautiful jewelry creations.

    Unspoken    (Gerry Davis) :   Gerry and his brother used to live close to me and spent many hours in my home.  They were part of the Dungeons and Dragons group that I was involved with for a long time.   Sometimes life can make us struggle to come to terms with what we face.   Gerry wrote Unspoken in such a moment.

    To The Girl I Want   (Brandon Morriss) :  This sweet poem is by a young man who was very active in Panumbra for a long time.   His simple, heartfelt, and open message is very nice.   I hope he writes more.

    Awaking, Abstract  &  Empire  (Kevin C Morris) :   I met Kevin gaming on line a few years ago.  Although the game we met in no longer is active, we still meet in role playing chat.   He's a young man with a tender heart and a gift for words.   Some of his short stories are very impressive and hopefully he'll let me post some more of his works too.

    The Compass Rose   (John) :  For a more spiritual side there are some random poems from a book of poetry by John. I've chosen a sampling from his published work and have included a link so you can read more. The Compass Rose is actually a journal of his spiritual journey that he has written in poetry form. I encourage you to enjoy his unfolding adventure.

     MORE TO COME :   More poems will we added when I hear back from friends with permission.

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